The Million Pound Punt …….. The 90% Discount Version !!! (Sat Post No.2)



Two Posts In One Day Can Only Mean Bad News ……..

Oh well, you can’t win them all …… and so is the case before we even get to the Festival with the Million Pound Punt. Unfortunately one of the selections, Empiracle, has picked up a slight injury this morning whilst working out and has now been withdrawn from his intended race on Wednesday.

Sadly these things happen in the horsey world, and although it means that for now the seven figure return is out of reach, at least the horse isn’t too seriously injured and he’ll live to race another day ….. and we’re still here to relieve those nice bookie chaps of some of their riches. There are still another four selections due to run next week, and the returns if the miracle does happen and they all win will be well worth it (I’ve not worked it out yet …. Decided not to either as I’ve always thought it was bad luck to work out your winnings before the horse or horses have run … that’s probably why Empiracle isn’t running !)

Anyway, if you took my advice this morning and went and bought your mother that ‘Special Gift’ for Mothers day tomorrow, may I suggest you take a trip to the local garage for the last bunch of flowers they have left, or even get here some Japanese Rice Crackers from the Pound shop or a 4998 Piece jigsaw from the Charity shop, cos even the most loving mother wouldn’t appreciate a betting slip containing a horse on who is currently sitting in casualty !


This is only a minor setback …. It just means I’ll have to work a bit harder to find a few more winners next week, but don’t lose heart, for the moment we still have the ‘Famous Four’ to look forward too !


Thanks, and make sure you come back to check out the next entry to the blog tomorrow.


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