What Will A Million Buy ? ……… Four Days To Go !



It’s great when you can fantasize about what the fruits of your punting labour are going to buy. I’m sure those of us who are deluded enough to dream about winning the lottery have done the same, however it makes it all the more sweeter when you’ve put in the hours of hard study, the late nights (or should that say sleepless nights !), the endless reading of form etc all comes to fruition. So I’ve been mentally spending my million before the first selections hooves has even got near to setting foot at this years festival.

It would appear though, that I’ve got a little bit of a problem as the list below will show

Post Cheltenham Shopping List

Villa In Greece – £250,000

Apartment In New York – £750,000

A Couple of Nice Shiny Cars (I’m not that ‘up’ on cars but it’s got to have 4 wheels at least !) £100,000

1 x Racehorse (that’s racehorse, not carthorse !) – £100,000

Wine …. And lots of it – £100,000

Cash for family and friends …… £50

SH*T …….. I’ve done this all wrong, I’m not going to have enough to be able to buy everything I want and still have some change left to live on …. How have I not spotted this before !!!

It’s amazing to think that when I first set foot in a bookies, had I won a million then it would have been more than enough to retire on and never have to work again (being 14, I could have given up my paper round !) What would I have done with all that money if I’d have been the luckiest 14 year old in the world and landed a million with my first bet (10p ew on Soybean wouldn’t have returned a million by the way !). I could have bought loads of Wham Bars … I used to love Wham Bars …. I could have bought a lifetime supply of Marathons …. I used to love Marathons (Snickers for the young ‘uns reading this !) …. Wow, I’ve just realized, I could have mended the gears on my Puch Pathfinder that was my trusty steed for my morning paper round. The gears were knackered so I had to peddle everywhere in 12th gear …. At the age of 14, I was a skinny kid but because of the faulty gears on my bike, I had legs like Fatima Whitbread (tanned, big muscles and hairy !)

Hold on, why am I looking back at IF I’d have won a million when I was 14 ….. I could have backed every winner on a Saturday and the thieving b*stards who worked behind the counter would have probably paid me out a fiver instead of my seven figure sum (see very first post for that to make sense !)….It would have been the leather faced old bag who would have been sipping Chilled Babycham in Benidorm on the proceeds of my bet, not me sipping Tizer whilst relaxing on a Sun Lounger in Skeggy (at 14, Skeggy was the ‘teenagers Benidorm’) !

Time to look forward, so if I’ve under-estimated how much I need to be able to buy everything on my wish list, what am I going to do ? Do I revisit the bookies and invest some more ? Do I continue to burn the midnight oil and study, study, study over the next four days in the hope I can come up with some more little gems to invest in ? …… No, I need to be content with what I’ve got. Greed is not a good thing, you get too greedy, you end up losing it all and at the end of the day, when (not IF !?!?!?) I’ll have even more to punt with next year….I can see it now, next years blog title will be Grahames BILLION POUND PUNT !!! No, I’m happy with my lot so far for this year, the bets are on, I’ve got some real value in the prices I’ve backed the horses at, so there’s just no need to be greedy. Instead, I’m going to have to cut down on the lavish things on my list for at least 12 months. So I’m really sorry, but to all my Family & Friends, you’ll have to wait until 2014 for your £50 !!!!!

The weather watch continues ….. What the f*ck is going on ? ….. The forecast just gets worse by the minute. Rain, more rain, snow, more snow, freezing temperatures, more freezing temperatures….Er, any chance of a bit of sunshine please ?!?!?! It doesn’t look great, and in conversation with one of my very good and trusted racing colleagues this morning, we’ve agreed that we have another excuse in the bag for our festival selections poor running…we though the weather was going to be more Antigua than Antarctic when we were picking our horses…forget us race goers needing new hats, gloves and scarfs, better get ordering the poor horses a new winter wardrobe !

The betting markets seem to have settled down a little now, I’ll be honest, there isn’t a massive amount of value available anymore. My ‘Famous Five’ are still around the same prices they were yesterday, however one bet that I’d advise everybody to have is one of the special offers that is available from Corals at the moment. It actually went live yesterday, and is still available today but I’m not sure for how much longer. You can back the best jumps horse in training (apart from the ‘Famous Five’ of course) at Evens if you have an online account with Corals. For those who aren’t racing regulars, the horse is called Sprinter Sacre and he runs in the Champion Chase next Wednesday. The current odds for Sprinter Sacre is around 1 / 4 (this means you put  £20 on, you get £25 back … a £5 Profit) however if you take up Corals offer, you put £20 on, You get £40 back …. This is massive value so I’d advise anyone who can to get on ! If you open a new account with Corals and place the maximum they’ll allow you to (£20) you’ll then also get a free £20 bet after next Wednesdays race too …. It’s not often the bookies give you something for next to nothing, so I’d say take advantage whilst you can ! (Again, if Sprinter Sacre loses, it’s the horse fault, not mine !!!!!) – www.coral.co.uk  is the website.

That’s your lot ….. As always, Thanks for reading …. Spread the word as there are only 4 days to go until the action kicks off. Please keep coming back to check the updates and feel free to leave any positive (or abusive) comments.


Twitter – @grahameletts

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